Scott Rocklage

Founding Partner at 5AM Ventures

Ann has worked as my executive assistant in a venture capital firm for nearly 10 years. She was responsible for a very broad range of tasks from classical assistant duties like scheduling, travel, etc. but also planned many events such as LP meetings, strategic off-site meetings, etc. Ann also coordinated a number of office moves for the firm and worked hard to keep on budget and time with high quality results. She is a real pro at both the “everyday” administrative duties and the projects mentioned above. Ann developed solid working relationships with both the executives and investors in my sphere of responsibilities. She knows how to represent me in the VC world which was a huge assistance to me as my schedule and travel can be quite complex. Ann is detail oriented and holds herself to high performance standards and I don’t have to think twice about a task getting done once we’ve discussed it. I would highly recommend Ann for any job that ranges from the classic administrative duties to projects and events.

Kevin Forrest

Biotech Executive

I worked directly Ann at 5AM Ventures from July 2010 to June 2014. Ann works with integrity, attention to detail, and can manage multiple workflows without stress. I give my highest recommendation to Ann.


Eileen McCullough, CEO

Co-founder | Board of Directors | Biotech Company Builder

“Ann offers professional, experienced support by proactively identifying, taking responsibility for, and executing a broad spectrum of senior administrative responsibilities. Her firm offers CEOs the highest level of executive support, on an incredibly capital-efficient basis. 100% recommend and will work with her again.”

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