As the Holiday Season is beginning to kick in with Christmas ads on TV and decorations in all the stores, it makes me want to take a moment to pause. And as I take that moment, I must reflect on all that we have been through with the pandemic, the economy and things going on around the world. It also gives me a moment to truly understand how grateful I am for my clients, my friends and family, so many of you have made a huge impact on my business and my life.

Above all, I am appreciative for my team, without whom Ann Albrecht Consulting would not be where it is today. I am often asked – how do you build teamwork when you all work remotely? The best way to describe it is we work like a community – with inclusivity, constant communication, responsiveness, and trust. We work closely together to share ideas and knowledge.

I know firsthand that sometimes when you are part of a virtual team you may experience feelings of isolation. I make sure that my team never feels forgotten!

What makes the AAC virtual team successful?
It’s simple really – it starts before I bring someone on to join our team. They must have excellent communication skills, be resilient and adaptable, motivated, and self-disciplined, understand clear goals, and have a sense of purpose and belonging. I believe that my team has solid rapport, we support each other, and hold each other in the highest regard, even though we have never met in person.

So, during this season of Thanksgiving, I want to share my genuine appreciation of my team and my clients for your support throughout this past year.

At Ann Albrecht Consulting, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.